Linh phụ kiện hệ thống bơm mỡ Lincoln - Lincoln Accessories for lubrication systems

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linh kiện lincoln12
linh kiện lincoln12

People, capabilities and systems to save resources and increase productivity

Industry leader

Continually satisfying our customers with the world’s best lubrication equipment and pumping systems has made Lincoln the largest and most successful company in our field. For nearly a century, companies have relied on our technical and quality leadership, our world-class manufacturing and customer service, and our vast network of distributors and support facilities.

Research development

In order to provide the best worldwide and regional application solutions, Lincoln develops new products and systems at research and development facilities in the United States, Germany, and India

Providing solutions

Industrial customers in large processing plants, automotive manufacturing, pulp and paper mills, food and beverage and other manufacturing facilities can rely on solutions from Lincoln. For the toughest mobile applications, on the road or in the field, Lincoln protects heavy equipment used in mining, construction, agriculture and over-the-road trucking. In addition, Lincoln offers the best lubrication equipment to meet the needs of automotive service professionals.

Complete product line

Lincoln supplies automated lubrication systems, pumps and pump stations and top quality lubrication equipment and accessories. Our quality systems in the Czech Republic, Germany, India and the United States are ISO 9001 registered. Additionally our production sites in the Czech Republic and Germany are ISO 14001 registered.

Worldwide support

With five technical support centers on three continents and a network of distributors supported by regional sales and service offices, our customers can always draw on our worldwide resources.

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